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SOLD Clockwork Locket

2nd September 2012 | Closed

Item#N912CLOCKET $75.00 SOLD Free first class shipping & handling to the U.S. and Canada! Click here for more information. Handmade one-of-a-kind pendant features real watch parts and gears, brass heart and Swarovski crystal set in Ice Resin. The locket measures 1-3/4 x 1-3/8 inches and is hung on a 24-inch brass chain. Locket opens and […]

SOLD Brass Propeller Pendant

14th July 2012 | Closed

Item#SP712PROPS $25.00 SOLD A small brass propeller on filigree, with four Swarovski crystals. Propeller does move when manually turned. Take care not to snag on anything and avoid rough handling, or the blades of the propeller may bend. Filigree measures 1-1/8 inches across (image at left is enlarged to show details), on a 17-inch chain. […]

SOLD Elgin Pocketwatch Pendant

4th July 2012 | Closed

Item#SP712ELGIN $45.00 SOLD A real Elgin pocket watch movement set in brass filigree (not working, parts do not move). Inscribed with the words “Elgin Natl Watch Co. U.S.A.” Measures 1-5/8 inches across, on 20-inch rolo chain (if you prefer a different length, please put a note in the comment box when ordering, or contact me). […]