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Brass and Copper “Serenity” Jewelry

3rd September 2013 | Closed

Acid-etched, hammered and polished brass features the Chinese symbols for “serenity.” Each is unique due to the creation process, or variations in form, size, metals, number of rivets, etc. I made acid-etched items for many years, but due to my busy schedule and the lengthy process required, I am not currently making them nor taking commissions […]

SOLD Time Warp Earrings

10th October 2012 | Closed

Feature brass pipe beads, Czech glass beads, and metal loops rescued and recycled from older, broken jewelry. These are designed and handmade in my studio, one of a kind.  

Inara Cosplay Jewelry

10th August 2012 | Closed

For Browncoat costuming reference, I’ve put together some images of Inara’s jewelry, as seen in these FIREFLY episodes:   1) (Top left) “Serenity” (pilot), “Shindig” (last scene) and “The Message” 2) (Top center) “Our Mrs. Reynolds” 3) (Top right) “Trash” 4) (Bottom left) “Jaynestown” 5) (Bottom center) “Shindig” (duel scene) and “War Stories” 6) (Bottom […]

Saffron Cosplay Jewelry

12th July 2012 | Closed

For Browncoat costuming reference, I’ve put together some images of Saffron jewelry as seen in FIREFLY. These are all from the episode “Trash.” I don’t think she wears any jewelry in “Our Mrs. Reynolds.” See my Inara jewelry here. I cannot accept commissions at this time. If you are interested in purchasing Firefly/Serenity inspired jewelry […]

Jewelry inspired by Kaylee in Firefly

6th June 2012 | Closed

I identified the bead Kaylee is wearing on the DVD cover of the cult sci-fi Joss Whedon TV show FIREFLY, the second Official Firefly Companion book, and in other FIREFLY promotional pictures (she does not wear it in any episodes, however). The bead is from Italy. I also found a type of cord that looks just like hers. […]

SOLD Sterling Silver “Inventor’s Toolbox” Earrings

2nd October 2011 | Closed

  A clockwork potpourri of real watch parts and gears set in sterling silver bezels with Ice Resin. Hand-forged sterling silver ear wires. Designed and handmade in my private studio. This is an original work of jewelry art, one of a kind.

SOLD Spacepunk Necklace

8th June 2011 | Closed

  Maybe you found these at a UFO crash site, or stole them from a time-traveling watchmaker. Only you know the story behind this unique spacepunk necklace. Designed and created in my private studio, featuring brass gear charm with chemical discoloration, and vintage watch parts with naturally occurring patina from age. New ball chain measures […]

SOLD Spacepunk Bracelet

29th March 2011 | Closed

  One-of-a-kind item, created in my studio with celestial-looking dark blue sodalite stone, pyrite stone, mixed metals silvertone and gunmetal, Czech glass, and European silver-plated copper-core wire.  My spacepunk pieces are born of my love of science fiction such as Firefly, Babylon 5 and Doctor Who. They are unique combinations of materials, designed to look […]

Playing “I Spy” in Jen’s studio…

27th March 2011 | 0 Comments

I thought it would be fun to show you some pictures of my studio. It used to be a whole room until I had children. Now the “studio” is just an immense desk with shelves above and drawers below. These are pictures taken of the table top on March 26, 2011. After I took these […]

SOLD Locked Heart Clockwork Necklace

17th March 2011 | Closed

  Features vintage hardware, real watch parts and a ceramic heart with a brass keyhole. The round bit of metal hanging behind the clockwork was purchased in an antique store and I have no idea what it is. It says “Standard S.M. Co.” on it. The clockwork is from a broken watch, with “election” and […]