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Brass and Copper “Serenity” Jewelry

3rd September 2013 | Closed

Acid-etched, hammered and polished brass features the Chinese symbols for “serenity.” Each is unique due to the creation process, or variations in form, size, metals, number of rivets, etc. I made acid-etched items for many years, but due to my busy schedule and the lengthy process required, I am not currently making them nor taking commissions […]

SOLD Bird Bauble

5th July 2012 | Closed

Gunmetal ball chain and bezel. Acrylic dome. Jump ring is a piece of hardware, a kind of washer or something. The bird looks to me like a swift or a swallow, but I’m no ornithologist. Pendant measures 1-1/8, chain is 18 inches. This is a unique piece of jewelry, designed and handmade in my studio […]

SOLD Elgin Pocketwatch Pendant

4th July 2012 | Closed

A real Elgin pocket watch movement set in brass filigree (not working, parts do not move). Inscribed with the words “Elgin Natl Watch Co. U.S.A.” Measures 1-5/8 inches across, on 20-inch rolo chain. This is an unique piece of jewelry, designed and handmade in my studio, one of a kind.

SOLD Steampunk Secrets Necklace

13th June 2012 | Closed

The plans for your time machine are locked away in your mind… and your secret romance in the year 1892 is locked away in your heart… This one-of-a-kind necklace features an old key purchased in an antique shop, new Czech glass beads with “picasso” finish, coiled wire links in gunmetal finish, and a steampunk ceramic […]

Timeless Jewel Necklace

24th May 2012 | Closed

I enjoy taking old, antique and broken parts and making new, beautiful jewelry. This triangular jewel in a brass setting was purchased from an antiques dealer as a piece from broken jewelry. I have no idea how old it is or where it came from. I cemented the jewel to some new filigree and added […]

SOLD Clockpunk “Gear Maille” Necklace

3rd December 2011 | Closed

I’ve seen similar patterns made in chainmaille, but this one is made with gears instead of links. The gears measure 3/4-inch (18mm) across and are decorative, not actual clockworks. Brass chain is adjustable between 16 and 18 inches long, with lobster claw clasp. This is an original piece of jewelry art, designed and handmade in […]

SOLD Steampunk Phial Necklace

22nd November 2011 | Closed

Glass bottle pendant is 2 inches high, and contains real watch and clock parts, gears, main spring, crown, bridges, etc. Brass chain is 18 inches long, with lobster claw clasp. This is an original work of jewelry art, designed and handmade in my studio.

SOLD Clockwork Kipling Pendant

11th October 2011 | Closed

I made this pendant using a brass bezel, real watch gears, brass elephant charm, and a found image (cut out, not printed off a computer) of Nobel Prize winning Victorian/Edwardian author Rudyard Kipling from an India travel brochure. Set in resin. Pendant measures 1-1/4 x 2 inches, on 18-inch vintage chain.   

SOLD Medieval Peccatum Pendant

1st September 2011 | Closed

“Peccatum” is the Latin word for “sin.” This miniature of a medieval painting depicts Adam, Eve, the apple and the serpent. I’ve been collecting ephemera for years and I don’t remember where I got this picture, or who is the artist, but it probably came from an old National Geographic magazine or an old art history textbook. […]

SOLD Steampunk Portal Pendant

24th August 2011 | Closed

This piece features a “portal” of red clay and metallic glaze, with real watch gears from broken watches, set in Ice Resin. The ring of the portal was made by Elaine Ray who makes ceramic jewelry parts, but the pendant itself was designed and assembled by myself in my private studio. Pendant measures 1-1/8 inches […]