Brass and Copper “Serenity” Jewelry

Acid-etched, hammered and polished brass features the Chinese symbols for “serenity.” Each is unique due to the creation process, or variations in form, size, metals, number of rivets, etc. I made acid-etched items for many years, but due to my busy schedule and the lengthy process required, I am not currently making them nor taking commissions at this time.


I draw by hand the Chinese symbols on a metal disk with a fine-tipped permanent marker. The disk is submerged in a solution of ferric chloride, which etches away anything not covered by ink. After an hour or two (depending on the strength of the acid) I remove the disk and neutralize the acid with baking soda.

The disk is rinsed, sanded, and then domed by hand using a ball-peen hammer and small anvil, and punch a hole for the jump ring. From start to finish, the process takes several hours.

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