Inara Cosplay Jewelry

inara-cosplay.jpgFor Browncoat costuming reference, I’ve put together some images of Inara’s jewelry, as seen in these FIREFLY episodes:


1) (Top left) “Serenity” (pilot), “Shindig” (last scene) and “The Message”

2) (Top center) “Our Mrs. Reynolds”

3) (Top right) “Trash”

4) (Bottom left) “Jaynestown”

5) (Bottom center) “Shindig” (duel scene) and “War Stories”

6) (Bottom right) “Heart of Gold” and “War Stories”


Below are pictures of some of the cosplay jewelry items I’ve made in the past. See my Saffron jewelry here.


See my Inara “Jaynestown” necklace and earring replicas in action by clicking on the thumbnails below. Photos submitted by customers.

firefly2007_009.jpg firefly2007_023.jpg msb-118-narank01.jpg msb-118-narank02.jpg

I am often asked about the bracelet/ring Inara wears in the pilot “Serenity” episode of FIREFLY. I don’t make these bracelets. But there are several of these sorts of bracelets for sale on the Internet. Search Google, Etsy or eBay for “slave bracelet,” “handflower” or “harem bracelet.”

I also don’t make the beaded collar Inara wears in the episode “The Message” because I don’t enjoy doing beadwork like that, and also because I’ve seen it for sale from other websites. It appears to be manufactured by a company called Fashion Jewelry4u, and is available in both black and red, with matching earrings. Search with some combination of the terms “Victorian collar choker burlesque beaded” to find it.

For other Inara jewelry, you can try a Google image search for any combination of the terms “India Bollywood earrings necklace jewelry”  and you’ll find a lot of jewelry that looks similar to hers.

~ Jen

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