Saffron Cosplay Jewelry

For Browncoat costuming reference, I’ve put together some images of Saffron jewelry as seen in FIREFLY. These are all from the episode “Trash.” I don’t think she wears any jewelry in “Our Mrs. Reynolds.”

See my Inara jewelry here.

I cannot accept commissions at this time. If you are interested in purchasing Firefly/Serenity inspired jewelry and cannot find what you’re looking for in my shop, I recommend contacting one of these ladies:

Kimber at Nala Serenity

Jessi at Distinction Jewelry

Here are pictures of some of the cosplay replicas I’ve made in the past. The earrings were mostly guesswork because I couldn’t get a clear view of them in the episodes or in screenshots.

A picture of one of my customers wearing her Saffron jewelry

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