Jewelry inspired by Kaylee in Firefly

I identified the bead Kaylee is wearing on the DVD cover of the cult sci-fi Joss Whedon TV show FIREFLY, the second Official Firefly Companion book, and in other FIREFLY promotional pictures (she does not wear it in any episodes, however). The bead is from Italy. I also found a type of cord that looks just like hers. It’s tan buckskin (made in the USA). I made these necklaces for many years, but due to my schedule and my many other obligations it’s time for me to move on.

msb-117-pinkbead.jpgHere’s one of my pink bead necklaces in action (click to enlarge); photo sent to me by a customer.


Over the years, I’ve also made other pieces of jewelry inspired by the character of Kaylee Frye, her love of strawberries, her pink foofaraw dress, and her teddy bear patch.


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