SOLD Spacepunk Necklace


Maybe you found these at a UFO crash site, or stole them from a time-traveling watchmaker. Only you know the story behind this unique spacepunk necklace. Designed and created in my private studio, featuring brass gear charm with chemical discoloration, and vintage watch parts with naturally occurring patina from age. New ball chain measures 18 inches long. Widest component measures 1-3/16 inches across (image slightly enlarged to show details). Handmade, one-of-a-kind.

My spacepunk jewelry is inspired by two of my loves — steampunk and science fiction. Each spacepunk piece is a unique combination of materials, designed to look as if it were cobbled together from bits of space debris, alien artifacts, and spaceship parts. Adornment is a human compulsion, old as history, and I imagine will continue when we travel the stars.


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