SOLD Victorian Carousel Bracelet

Features a brass carousel horse charm riveted to a hammered brass disk, linked with brass rings and brass tokens which read “For amusement only.” I don’t know the origin of the tokens — I purchased them from an antiques dealer who said he found them in a sack in an old Ohio barn. The bejeweled parts are recycled from pieces of vintage jewelry. Original design, handmade, one-of-a-kind, from my private studio.

Steampunk, circuspunk and other neo-Victorian and recycled jewelry pieces are works of art, and care should be taken when wearing. These creations should not be exposed to cleaning chemicals, perfumes, dyes, lotions, or rigorous treatment, such as wearing while exercising, swimming, working, cleaning, etc. Please note that I have no way to 100% guarantee the condition of any vintage, recycled or “rescued” parts, in regards to being hypoallergenic, or whether they contain lead, nickel, aluminum or any other materials. Purchase and wear at your discretion. More about steampunk jewelry.

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