SOLD Hammered Copper & Silver Triskele Pendant

Copper disk riveted to nickel silver. I begin by hand-drawing the desired image on a disk with a permanent marker. Then the disk is submerged in a solution of ferric chloride, and this acid etches away anything not covered by ink. After an hour or two (depending on the strength of the acid and the desired etch) the disk is removed and the acid neutralized with baking soda. The disk is rinsed, sanded, and then domed by hand using a ball-peen hammer and small anvil. The larger metal disk, used for the base, is also domed by hand, and then the smaller and larger disks are riveted together — again, by hand, using the ball-peen hammer and anvil. The resulting pendant has a more primitive, handmade look than items which are machine or laser engraved. A hole is punched for the jump ring, and then the finished pendant is hung on a length of leather cord, to which a clasp is added.

From start to finish, a pendant like this takes several hours to create. You can watch some of the process on my YouTube jewelry channel

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