Gnome Terrarium

UPDATE JUNE 4, 2012: I have bequeathed the secrets of the Gnomes to Kathryn Dickerson, dragon maker. She will carry on the Gnome relocation program on behalf of grateful Gnomes everywhere.

UPDATE MARCH 11, 2014: It appears that someone here in NC has taken the gnome terrarium concept to whole new heights. Check out Gypsy Raku.

Gnome Terrariums are wonderful, self-contained, magical environments. Each tiny Gnome Terrarium has just the right balance of fairy dust, moss, and stone to maintain a single North American Diminutive Wildwood Gnome. No watering nor feeding is required, just an occasional cotton swabbing if the fairy dust gets out of control. Simply remove the cork during each full moon, and your Gnome will conduct its necessary business and return by morning.

NAMING: Each Gnome has a secret name known only to itself, but feel free to name it anyway. Your Gnome will have given you a name, too (probably something like Big Eye or Bad Breath).

IMPORTANT: Without magic, they will not thrive. You must whisper a wish to your Gnome at least once a week. Keeping your Gnome Terrarium near stones, plants, ceramic unicorns, pewter wizards, and any other magical items or creatures also helps to maintain the health of your Gnome. ALL GNOMES ARE WILLING PARTICIPANTS IN THE GNOME TERRARIUM, AND NO GNOMES ARE HARMED WHILE MAKING THIS PRODUCT. Join the Gnome Terrarium project and help preserve the Gnome population as its imaginary habitat dwindles.

Each Gnome Terrarium is handmade and unique. Stones, moss, fairy dust and gnomes will vary from the one shown here. Each Gnome Terrarium measures just two inches high (not including cork, image enlarged to show details) and comes in a dark green drawstring pouch, along with an instruction sheet. Please note, this is not a jewelry item. It does not come on a cord or chain.

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