SOLD Ghost Pirate Ship Necklace


jlh-recyclingsymbol-sm.jpg The pendant of this here necklace be fabricated using an image carved with me own cutlass from the DVD box of a popular pirate movie, then set in a brass bezel and covered with Ice Resin. Just aloft of the pendant be a small skull bead, carved from the bone of the last scurvy dog who crossed me.* Above that, and also around the perimeter of said necklace, are black faceted “turban cut” Czech glass beads from far-off ports. The centerpiece of the chain is an English half penny coin, booty taken from the last East India Company ship we sank off the coast of Barbados.** The necklace be 18 inches long, with a compass rose charm hanging down the back of the neck. One-of-a-kind (OOAK) item, created in my private studio.

* Not really. But that would be cool.

** The coin was actually rescued from a vintage bracelet, and features a ship and “Half Penny 1954” on one side (shown inset, above), and Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse. However, the “9” in “1954” is where the hole is, so we can pretend it’s 1754, right?

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  • your pendant necklace is very clever! its a treasure for sure!

    1 pirate wench said this (January 5, 2010 at 8:57 pm)