FIREFLY Planetary Postmark Stamps


I’ve had several Browncoats ask me where I get my planetary postmarks, which are stamped on the gift boxes I send out with FIREFLYSERENITY items. I have to give credit to Heather at Wear With Style for giving me the idea — she ships her hand-knitted Jayne hats in boxes covered with planetary postmarks. I designed my own set of postmarks using GIMP, and then I had the stamps made at If you’d like to make rubber stamps of your own, feel free to use my images. I only ask that you not use them for commercial purposes or sell them, and that you give me credit for the artwork. Thanks!

ff-greenleaf.jpg ff-sihnon.jpg ff-persephone.jpg ff-verbena.jpg

Also, I have an “Alliance Inspector” stamp that was made by using a template at for a small, round, self-inking stamp. And I chose the purple ink option… since they’re “purplebellies.” The Chinese characters on the Sihnon postmark supposedly say “Beautiful World” — but for all I know, they actually say “Monkey Underwear” or something.

2 Responses to "FIREFLY Planetary Postmark Stamps"

  • There isn’t anything in the characters about a particular location or world – my limited Chinese has it meaning something like “extremely perfect and beautiful.” Which also works!

    1 Carmen said this (May 28, 2009 at 11:39 pm)

  • Sihnon is supposedly a very beautiful world, so that does work, I think. At least it doesn’t say something utterly ridiculous. Good to know!

    2 Jen said this (May 28, 2009 at 11:40 pm)