I spent several months creating this piece. Not that I spent every waking moment working on it, just that it’s creation was spread out over a length of time. It took me awhile to find and assemble the perfect parts, which would be both fairly durable (people tend to be harder on bracelets than on other jewelry items), and also evocative of the steampunk aesthetic.

This bracelet contains both new and vintage materials, including some old pocket watch parts, a piece from an old belt, a new faceted Czech glass bead (inside the wire coil), glass cabochon, brass chain and clasp (the closure assembly is shown up close, below).


Steampunk pieces are costume pieces and works of art, and care should be taken when wearing. There may be sharp or pointy parts which could snag on clothing and/or break off, and these creations should not be subjected to chemicals, perfumes, dyes, lotions, or rigorous treatment, such as wearing while exercising, swimming, working, cleaning the house, etc. Please note that I have no way to 100% guarantee the condition of any vintage, recycled or “rescued” parts, in regards to being hypoallergenic, or whether they contain lead, nickel, aluminum or any other materials. Purchase and wear at your discretion.

One Response to "SOLD Steampunk ~ REFLECTIONARY OCCULATOR ~ Bracelet"

  • I love this bracelet… keep checking back hoping you’ve made another one similar to it. 😉

    1 Sudha said this (August 8, 2009 at 10:36 am)

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